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New brand Rail Cargo Logistics

Rail Cargo Group consolidates the business units mineral oil, agriculture industry and chemicals with the integration of the subsidiaries AgroFreight and ChemFreight


With the creation of the new company, Rail Cargo Logistics GmbH, the strategy of Rail Cargo Group, the freight arm of ÖBB, has been advanced even further. The existing subsidiaries AgroFreight Spedition GmbH and ChemFreight Transport, Logistik & Waggonvermietung GmbH have been integrated into a single company: A step further towards simplification, transparency and consolidation of tasks, competencies and responsibilities – ensuring an even more effective, transnational cooperation.

Focus on competencies

An international network of partners and logistics specialists forms the basis of sustainable and future-oriented transport and logistics services. The more efficiently Rail Cargo Group is able to consolidate the tasks, responsibilities and competencies, the more service-oriented it can present itself on the market. That is why the capacities are being innovatively consolidated and pooled in order to operate even more effectively for our customers in Europe.

In order to optimally establish Rail Cargo Group’s mineral oil, agriculture and chemicals business unit in the market, AgroFreight Spedition GmbH and ChemFreight Transport, Logistik & Waggonvermietung GmbH were merged and renamed to form Rail Cargo Logistics GmbH, which is yet another important step forward towards the success of the Rail Cargo Group. The new company enters the market under the brand name Rail Cargo Logistics and combines competencies across rail logistics services for products in mineral oil, gas, chemicals and agriculture industry both in national and international single wagon-load traffic and block train transport. Innovative and flexible logistics solutions, as well as continuous further development and adaptation to the increased transport demands in hazardous goods and agriculture sectors facilitate a broad range of services. The range of services as well as the contact persons remain unchanged.