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Rail Cargo Group: Consistent branding in Italy

With the rebranding of the subsidiaries a further step in the consolidation of the brand landscape and strengthening of Rail Cargo Group has been taken


Italy has long been considered as an essential freight market by the Rail Cargo Group. Offered here are both rail logistics and warehousing services as well as domestic production activities with own locations. Through the 3-word brand logic "Rail Cargo" and the respective meaningful addition to the business name the customer benefit is immediately visible and the Rail Cargo Group further strengthened in the European rail freight market. With the rebranding of express fExpress-Interfracht, Magazzini Desio Brianza, Magazzini Veneto Orientale and Rail Cargo Italia, the brand in Italy is now under Rail Cargo Logistics, Rail Cargo Terminal and Rail Cargo Carrier.

Rail Cargo Logistics – The brand for rail logistics

Rail Cargo Logistics is the brand for the end customer sales of Rail Cargo Group and will combine the sales within the entire group of companies. In Italy too, the subsidiary Express-Interfracht Italia S.r.l. company was rebranded as Rail Cargo Logistics – Italy S.r.l. With the new names comes an adapted customer focus and market positioning in terms of the end user and this also constitutes the core of the sales activities. Rail Cargo Logistics stands both now and in the future for customized rail logistics solutions and a comprehensive logistics network between the North Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean.

Modern logistics centers as of now under the brand Rail Cargo Terminal

Thanks to the strategically and geographically good location in Desio and Santo Stino di Livenza both modern logistics centers Magazzinisituated Desio Brianza (MDB) and Magazzinisituated Veneto Orientale (MVO) have for years been offering customer-oriented services for various manufacturing plants in Northern Italy and attractive connections between Italy and Eastern European countries. As part of the brand concentration, the two logistics centers appear effective immediately under the new name of Rail Cargo Terminal – Desio S.r.l. and Rail Cargo Terminal – Santo Stino S.r.l..

Rail Cargo Italia to become Rail Cargo Carrier

Rail Cargo Group is committed to the further expansion of domestic production activities within Europe; this also includes the Italian market. Thus, already in recent years attractive connections and links of the Trieste and Monfalcone ports, or relations of the rolling road (ROLA) have been created in their own traction and with their own locomotives. In the future, the range of services in Italy will be further strengthened. With the rebranding of Rail Cargo Italia S.r.l. as Rail Cargo Carrier – Italy S.r.l. another essential step is taken towards offering our customers even more reliable and optimally-timed transport processes.

Rail Cargo Group: ÖBB freight traffic

With around EUR 2.3 billion turnover annually and more than 9,600 employees Rail Cargo Group is one of the leading rail logistics companies in Europe. Based on the domestic markets of Austria and Hungary the Rail Cargo Group offers rail logistics solutions between the North Sea, Black Sea and the Mediterranean. With subsidiaries in 16 countries in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe and a high-quality partner network, Rail Cargo Group ensures safe and reliable transportation on the environmentally friendly railway. The controlling company of the Rail Cargo Group is Rail Cargo Austria AG.