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Globally involved in world seas

The container sea transport has grown a lot recently. The logistic solutions are continuously improved and the security requirements go hand in hand with constantly shorter transport times. According to our customers' requirements, we offer top-class railway transport between the ports and inland, as well as complete sea logistic solutions around the whole world.

Our professionals have long-term experience and the best contacts to ship owners, railways, port operators and local service providers.

We offer the transport of sea containers from the ports of Hamburg and Rotterdam to Russia, China, USA, Canada, Iraq and Syria. We can also realize the transport of containers from Chinese ports of Shanghai and Shenzhen to the following ports: Hamburg, Rotterdam, Saint Petersburg, Port Vostochniy, Vladivostok, Odessa, Archangelsk, Riga and Klajpeda.

We offer transport from the Saint Petersburg port by road or by railway across the whole of Russia and we can mediate customs clearance of the shipments and subsequent distribution to the target location.

What we offer

  • FCL – door-to-door
  • LCL – combination containers
  • Lease of ship containers
  • Price costing of the transport and related costs, including possible waiting times in ports
  • Preparation of convenient offers of door-to-door deliveries
  • Customs operation in the Czech Republic and Russia
  • Cooperation with agents in ports in Germany, Russia and Ukraine
  • Reloading and dispatching in ports
  • Everyday monitoring of shipments
  • Transport of the following types of containers: 20‘, 40‘ and HC-containers