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Construction materials

On track with the professionals


Cement, lime, plaster, drywall, insulating materials, tiles, glass, clay, kaolin, sand, grit, chalk, etc. There are many types of building materials that need to be transported. Our professionals plan said transports according to specific customer needs and take care to provide a fast and economical delivery.

A special chapter is formed by concrete crossties that are currently transported to Balkan countries, especially by a compact Balkan Express train. Currently Turkey expressed interest in these crossties; therefore we can expect this transport to be crossing European borders. There are no borders for uswe unite the markets.

Our professionals also realize the need to export ash, which is a waste by-product of heat generating power plants and is used as an additive in the concrete. We ensure special wagons for these transports through the ČD Cargo, a.s., transporter, Austrian railways or other transporters.